S#it just got real


December 31, 2016 – I decided to finally launch #AuthenticallyMark. I’ve used it as a hashtag for posts that are truly me, witty quips or something silly that only I would say or do.

Today S#it just got real…

I came home from work they other day and told Chuck that we had to change a bunch of things in our lives, not the New Year’s Resolution type things, but REALLY change.

The photo above is me, today, December 31 2016 at almost 56 years old, six foot one inch tall and 262 pounds, that’s it, I’ve said it 262 pounds.

I was walking up a sight incline at work the other day and talking to a couple and could barely catch my breath. I’m borderline diabetic and my blood pressure and cholesterol are higher than they should be.

You’ve probably seen pictures of us making lighter, low carb meals; but what you don’t see are the times we go off the wagon.

We eat out with friends and follow the herd (literally), I stop for fast food breakfast because I didn’t take the time to fix a healthy breakfast when we had plenty in the house. We bend from lean protein and two veggies to having white potatoes, bread and starchie veggies.

I was already over weight when we moved here four years ago, but I’m managed to pack on another thirty pounds.

Today it stops, #AuthenticallyMark will not only be about this journey but also recipes, pushing my self to do more (physically, personally and professionally), and some reality checks, but also some rants.

It will be slightly off color at times, not always for the faint of heart, if you call me out on something on social media you might see your comment here.

… but whatever you read will be #AuthenticallyMark

2 thoughts on “S#it just got real

  1. Edie Hannah

    Mark you are my hero today!! Stepping up and owning you. I know that when I read one of your posts with your hashtag it is going to make me think, laugh or just shake my head!!! I am going to enjoy this blog!! Good luck with your changes (NOT resolutions!) Happy New Year!!!!


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