Perception is Reality

A big part of eating healthier is controlling portions; unfortunately too many times along with that comes feeling hungry.

Convincing your body you are full takes a while…

This was this mornings breakfast

A HUGE egg white omelette with herbs, tomato, green onion and Swiss. Enough to keep me full and start the day with some black decaf coffee.

Reality is, this was breakfast!

We used a small side plate and the omelette looked huge, start with a big glass of water (body is usually more thirsty/dehydrated than hungry ), take small bites and enjoy the food.

2 thoughts on “Perception is Reality

  1. Carol Worsinger

    I started drinking 16 oz of water with juice from half a lemon before having anything else in the morning. It really seems to help with appetite control and a host of other healthy things.


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