Coffee is a Gateway Drug


I LOVE my coffee, I’ve actually found a great French roast decaf that has tons of flavor and very little caffeine and I have one cup in the morning.

However, about half way to work I pass a fast food restaurant and a fast food coffee location and I started doing drive through for a second cup….

But, the coffee is really hot (and not that great); so I started ordering it with two creams instead of black, like I drink it at home…

But I figured if I was going through the line I might as well pick up something to eat instead of cooking before I left the house…

I went from the egg white and lite cheese version to the whole egg muffin…

Then to the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit….

And, on some days when I knew I was touring over lunch I figured I better eat a bigger breakfast and had two biscuits, hash browns and of course my coffee…

So what started out as an innocent 12 ounce cup of black coffee, ended up as a 1,050 calorie breakfast!


Coffee is a gateway drug!

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