Meatless Monday: Indian


Today we got up early and and headed out to Webster Farmer’s Market; we stocked up on lots of fresh produce and used some of it for tonight’s Meatless Monday Dinner, Indian style.

On the top left you’ll see Chuck’s favorite- Saag (or Palak) Paneer, a spinach dish with cubes of farmer’s cheese. I lightened it up by replacing the butter with a small amount of vegetable oil, just enough to open up the spaces and we replaced the full fat milk 1% milk.

On the top right is Aloo Gobi which is typically made with cauliflower, white potatoes and peas. I lightened up this curry dish by removing the butter, and swapping out the white potatoes for a much lighter and more vitamin packed butternut squash.

And the last dish is the protein packed Chana Masala a great flavorful dish of chick peas, tomatoes and onion. Low in fat it has lots of fiber and protein.

These HUGE portions of all three items totaled just about 600 calories with the paneer making up about 120 calories of this and the chick peas being a slightly larger piece at about 300 calories.

(and we made enough for several more meals!)

#AuthenticallyMark #MearlessMonday #LightenUp #BigBoldFlavors

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