One Step Closer

For those of you who have been following along on this journey to get healthier; Chuck and I have been really diligent with watching what we eat, preparing healthier meals and walking 10,000+ steps a day.

We’ve had our cheat days, I’ve eaten pizza, had some fried chicken and have gotten back on track the next day.

I’ve been pretty clear that weight loss should be a byproduct of healthier eating but is NOT the primary goal. Today I do want to share that as if this morning I have lost 30 pounds since New Years Day! (55 days).


More importantly, I feel better, can walk farther with out getting winded, have more energy and am hoping by my next visit that my doctor may take me off my cholesterol and blood pressure medicine.

On to my next target number, I’m One Step Closer!

#HealthierEating #HealthierLiving #AuthenticallyMark

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