Getting Over The Wall


So, New Year’s Eve I weighed in and pretty publicly shared my very overweight 262.5 pound body and how unhealthy I was feeling.

We (Chuck and I) both strapped on our Fit Bits, weighed in, set a number of steps and a goal weight. While our goal was to feel better, weight loss was an obvious side effect of cleaner eating.

We walked every night, worked to practically eliminate white flour, processed sugar and processed foods. We both reduced our diet soda intake and increased our water…

The weight fell off pretty quickly, it was noticeable and felt really good. We shared lower fat, healthier food options, talked about meal planning and weighed and measure all of our food and religiously logged everything in our Fit Bit App.

Somewhere in the last month, life got in the way; the slight obsession with hitting out step goal was replaced with “I’m within about 200 steps so I’m good”,  diligent measuring was replaced with “that looks like four ounces”.

Neither of us gained back the lost weight but we also didn’t lose any more; neither were closer to our goal weight and it has stayed there for about 3-4 weeks…


So tomorrow we climb over the wall, we are back measuring and weighing everything, water is logged, food added into our counter and we’re back to walking every evening, regardless of how close we are to our steps goal…

It’s back on track –



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