This blog is designed as an outlet to be my authentic self; part travel blog, part diary, part restaurant review, part rant…but all authentically me.

I’m actually the owner of Wedding Ghost; a ghost blogging company for creative people in the wedding and events industry.

Part of what I offer them is content, Search Engine Optimization, expert branding and visibility for their company’s blogs. The other part of what I offer them is privacy; I write for them, behind the scenes, just like they would write for themselves if they had the time along with running their own company.

I can’t very well direct people to their sites to see examples of my writing! So, this has become part outlet for me, part writing samples for prospective clients.

Just understand, the tone, style and content is #AuthenticallyMark; just like any writing I’d do for your company would be reflective of you, your style and your brand.