Mark, Mark, I’m Mark

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Mark, Mark, I’m Mark! (yes, It’s a line from RENT)

I was born in 1961 (you do the math because I’m not sure how many years down the road you will be reading this), I’m openly gay and have been since the age of 18, I’m married to the man of my dreams, Chuck; and I’ve got a lot of different interests.

I’m a pizza junkie, actually I love both bread and cheese, pizza just kind of brings them both together. Truthfully, I LOVE food , I eat anything that doesn’t eat me first!

The photo above is of me eating traditional Dutch herring on a food tour in Amsterdam.

I’m a classically trained chef (CIA ’81), I’ve worked for Hyatt Hotels in Dallas and DC, I’ve been the Executive Chef for 3 museums of the Smithsonian (American History, Natural History, and Portrait Art Gallery); and became one of the owners of Great American Grill after being their Executive Chef and starting a catering division. I’ve technically been out of the culinary world since 1999 and like cooking for family and friends a lot more than I did when I cooked professionally.

I’ve worked in the wedding industry since 2000 in various roles and yes, most combine weddings and culinary arts… I founded and developed The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants in 2000 (sold it in 2012), I’m one of 65 Master Wedding Planners in the world, a Certified Same-Sex Wedding Specialist and worked as a Director of Weddings for a resort in Central Florida.

I love to travel with Chuck, we enjoy amusement parks, Christmas is my favorite holiday (got that from mom), I’m an emotional person (got that from mom too). We have a dog, Kali, a rescue, poodle mix and two cats Chip N Dale, brothers Chuck rescued.

Anything else you’ll have to read the blog posts to find out!